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I have been photographing this beautiful mama and daughter since Amélie was just two weeks old, and each time it's so much fun getting to see how much she's grown! This St. Albert motherhood session was so special - it was documented in celebration of Amélie's first birthday, which truly is, in large part, a celebration of Carike's first year of motherhood. 

Watching the beautiful bond these two share is quite something. I love watching a mother and child interact so naturally with one another, and my big inspiration for this session was to just allow these two to be, exactly as they are. This meant lots of sweet snuggles and quiet whispers as mama spoke to Amélie in the most soothing, nurturing way. It also meant lots of kisses - my favourite to observe, as Amélie loves to grab her mama's face and go all in! It was truly magical watching mama and baby love on one another, and it was a pleasure getting to capture this special time for them.

Amélie + Mama | St. Albert Motherhood Session

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Fresh 48s are one of my absolute favourite sessions, and I truly feel honoured that you’ve chosen me to capture some of the first moments in your baby’s life. These are typically done in hospital and are aimed at capturing the whole scene, as well as the tiny details that you will want to cherish […]

Fresh 48