Learn to document your moments with your little ones, before they're not so little anymore. Kahla teaches you to photograph your children in a way that captures the true essence of who they are in over 100 pages of storytelling, image-sharing and helpful tips.

Sharing her personal work, candid stories behind each image and a little piece of her heart, she knows it will be the perfect learning tool for any mama looking to document her days with her favourite little humans.

For Mamas

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CAPTURING candid images of your LITTLE ONES

$49 CAD

As your Edmonton Newborn Photographer, it would be a privilege to help you document your story. The one that will be harder and harder to remember as your babies grow and no longer fit in your arms the way they once did. The story of how your days were long, but the years flew by. The story of how your heart had never been more full.

Whatever your story, I’d be honoured to help tell it. Let's chat and see if we would be a perfect fit.

Let's preserve your favourite moments with your little ones

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